Digital ad, online promotion, SNS channel management Interactive communication PR through new media

The Development of social media creates multimedia contents, and
changes fast to have interactive communication with consumers and
away from one-way communication by The Big 4 Media, TV, Newspaper,
Radio, and Magazine.

Therefore, it is a required point for PR companies to evolve into
online service, expansion to SNS and away from publicity.
Consumer focused IMC activities should be proceeded to embrace
all the creative ideas in the world and away from the paradigm of
traditional PR and advertisement in order to relate to the fast changing
consumer’s wants for new things.

PR ONE provides various interactive services from interactive social
movies and digital adverts, online promotion, SNS channel management,
and so one. We will become a PR partner who suits the new communica-
tion environment, embracing brand concepts, brand strategy consulting,
brand surveying, online campaign and promotion, SNS marketing
and consulting, new media development, AT & BTL advertising and market
related areas and so on.