Integrating various communication method, establishing strategy

Following more selective consumers’ preferences and segmentalized trends,
it is difficult to have the best PR effect through one-way PR communication only.
The most efficient PR effect can be expected when establishing and carrying out
the integrated communication methods such as PR, advertising, DM and sales

PR ONE provides integrated marketing communication by finding the
best solution for client’s needs under intensified competition and the fast
changing marketing environment.

PR ONE provides marketing solutions based on qualified data
differentiated from the other companies with the experiences in
conducting over 1,300 PR projects and from situation analysis of client,
marketing strategy, effective plans towards successful progress.
We are also developing creative marketing programs completed in excellence
proven by numerous awards in domestic and international PR categories.
PR ONE is always with you for carrying out the best communication leading
to success for various clients' needs such as, branding, image positioning,
sales expansion, and so on.