The most efficient PR activity media PR Building excellent media network

As with the development of the online and mobile field,
the PR environment is also facing a big change.
Some people devaluate the traditional publicity based on media relations,
whereas others are concerned about whether the "Online and Mobile PR
is a recent PR trend".

However, Media PR is still at the center of PR activities even when
the environment changes. Not only is Media the most useful way to
make necessary stories for a campaign and IMC strategy, but it is also
more effective in delivering the message through media sourced from
credibility and the perspective of the contents rather than any other Tools.

PR ONE has an excellent network in media relations, which is the
most important point to perform strategic media PR. We manage
the network systematically with 2,800 domestic journalists ranging
from all types of printed media to broadcast media.
We also manage 'Cooperation development systems for articles',
'Responding systems for a media requested contents' through the
internal online system to connect our clients. Using these
differentiated systems, PR ONE plays a precedent PR role that
can bring an outstanding result in media PR.