From the usual risk preparation to crisis management and recovery from the specialists’ perspective with systematic preparation and balance

If the company cannot deal appropriately when a crisis happens, its
achievement becomes nothing, regardless of its efforts for maintaining
the brand and company values and this causes too much lost time and
costs much to recover.

PR ONE has been successfully dealing with the many crises of
domestic / international companies, as well as public institutions.
We have a reputation for having the best ability to suggest to clients
an optimized crisis management program that is suitable for Korea by
suggesting appropriate strategies for black consumer crises in diverse
companies such as, injection of poisonous substances into a certain
company’s beverage, development of the right message,
operating the programs, and so on.

It is possible to overcome a crisis with crisis & risk management processes
that can turn a crisis into a new opportunity for companies and brands to
leap ahead again at PR ONE with the best and the most specialists
in business.