PR strategy designed with thorough logic and intuition of long experience

There have been changes in the social environment, consumer trends and
the media environment. But the only unchangeable task is to plan
the best PR activities, reveal differentiated value, and manage the issues
that can be elaborated by PR activities.

PR consulting designs firm PR directivity resistant to change, PR strategy
and tools that can go with the changes, and a PR management plan
that can actively respond to changes for the troubled clients in order
to find the best PR solution.

PR ONE has built excellent outcomes in PR environment analysis,
effect measurement, PR diagnosis, and establishment of strategy on
the basis of experience and technical research methodology of senior
consultants for over 20 years in Korea. Meet with powerful consulting
in various areas of PR expertise such as, issue management, reputation
management, crisis management, PI, CSR, relationship management
etc. We guarantee you the best consumer satisfaction by achieving beyond expectations.