PR ONE delivers new will and vision towards rapidly changing PR environment by newly changed CI.

Brand name image

Brand name

Our brand name is a compound word of made up
‘PR’ and ‘ONE’, the word ‘PR’ represents its business
identity while the word ‘ONE’ represents ‘BEST’.
Therefore, ‘PR ONE’ represents ‘The Best PR Company’.
This represents the goal to maximize client’s value
through providing the best services with
best PR specialists, and become the best PR Company.

LOGO image


The red symbol is a configuration of a ‘Door’.
It represents PR ONE’s will to stay open agains
any wall blocking the communication.
We will always be a way to communicate with the world.
Also, the entire logo is simply designed with alphabetical
characters, according to the global trend, which expresses
our confidence to take a leap as a global company
rather than simply the best domestic PR Company.

COLOR image


The logo uses PR ONE gray(Pantone 437C) and PR ONE
red(Pantone 485C) as its main colors. PR ONE gray represents
credibility and stability for customers,
PR ONE red expresses passion and the challenging spirit
of the members of PR ONE.